Thursday, November 23, 2006


A pretty little cake, ordered by a daughter for her mother's 50th birthday ... all she said was she wanted it to be chocolate cake, and Victorian in style. So here's my version of Victorian. Let's hope she likes it. The puffy heart-shaped chocolate cake is frosted in white buttercream, then covered with a soft peachy-pink fondant. The lace doily and all other fancy frou-frou touches were done with royal icing. And those silver dragees are my second favorite thing to use on cakes, after gold and silver luster dust ;-)


Nonentity said...

its beautiful. she'd definitely love it. its my b'day today. i wish i could cut it .. :)

Jean N. said...

how on earth did you do the lace on this cake? it's just magnificent. Like all your creations. You just continue to outdo yourself day after day!

Kevin said...

Thanks, Jean. I just 'traced' it!

I printed out a picture of a heart-shaped crocheted doily. Taped a piece of waxed paper to the picture, then just traced the design onto the waxed paper with royal icing in a piping bag with a teeny tiny round tip. I went back over it 3 times to make it rather sturdy, let it dry rock-hard, then peeled the waxed paper off the back and applied the resulting "lacework" to the cake. Not hard at all really -- just a little time-consuming.