Monday, January 18, 2010

Lizzie turns 12!

A leopard print cake with hot pink maribou, bows, pearls and a high-heeled sandal. What more could a young fashionista ask for?
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Baby Girl Baby Shower

Is this the most beautiful tablescape EVER? I didn't get a picture of this cake before it went out the door, but the the grandmother-to-be managed to snap this one. Love it.
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Saturday, January 16, 2010

My apologies ...

Yes, I know. You are all getting pretty sick of looking at Snoopy. I've posted a few new pictures below so your eyes will no longer get tired and your spirit won't sink when you check out my blog.

I had such a busy first half of December that I hardly had time to take photos of the cakes before they went out the door. Then, I intentionally took the rest of December off in order to focus on friends, family and frivolity during Christmas.

Then, we found out we're going to be grandparents for the first time this coming August! So the frivolity continued for a while.

But I'm back in the cake saddle again, so pictures will be forthcoming. I made a beautiful purple butterfly cake yesterday, but didn't get a picture of it before it fluttered out the door. The birthday girl took a picture with her cell phone so I'll try to figure out how to get that uploaded here.

One more cake today and one tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Cake for a Fashion Diva

"I just want it to be pink," was what the birthday girl said when she ordered this cake for herself. Through my paid informants (haha!) I learn that she's totally into shoes, makeup and jewelry. So she got a sophisticated pink and black color scheme, with some pink pearls, glossy pink lipstick and a hot high heel. I hear her friends were totally envious of her cake.
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Beach-themed wedding shower

A simple white cake, covered in fondant. The shells are molded of white chocolate, and the pearls are tiny fondant balls covered in pearl shimmer dust. The sand is brown sugar and the ribbon around the bottom of the cake is the color of the bridesmaids' dresses.
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Just as proof that I can bake something other than cakes, these are the pies that Kate and I made for Thanksgiving. Pumpkin, Apple, Peanut Butter icebox, Pumpkin Cream Cheese and Pecan. I am definitely not a master pie maker, but since Emily The Pie Baker was in Chicago this year for Turkey Day, Kate and I had to do our best to pinch hit.
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