Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

Cake balls that we're taking to a New Year's Eve party tonight. Along with a gorgeous rose spray from Doug's garden. I was trying to make these cake balls look SO festive ... but now they just look like eyeballs at best. Oh well. They taste wonderful. The purple and chocolate ones are spiked with rum, the pastel ones are rum-less.

Happy New Year 2

Another view.

Purse Cakes

I love them. This one is an artist's (mine) rendering of a lady's actual favorite purse. It forced me to do what I never wanted to do before -- create frosting roses. Now I LOVE frosting roses! Chocolate cake, buttercream icing, fondant covering and royal icing roses and trim. YUM!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Weather or not

This young birthday boy has a fetish for The Weather Channel and all things weather related. I did my best to represent his birthday party invitation and address his weather passions. What a FUN cake to make!

One Brave Mother

This mom is hosting a gingerbread house decorating party for her daughter. All I have to do is provide the cake. I get the easy end of the deal!

Model T

Yes, the Tin Lizzie's wheels are melting thanks to recent humidity levels ... but is is this not the coolest cake for a car aficionado?

There's a New Teacher in Town!

The University of Houston has produced a new Elementary Ed Teacher!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Merry Christmas!

A fun little 8" cake. Stay tuned for 7 more cakes and several dozen cookies over the coming weekend. And to all my friends and family -- my apologies if you haven't heard from me lately. I'm up to my ears in buttercream and it doesn't combine too well with my keyboard. The girls are harping on me to get the Christmas letter done to enclose with the photocard that we at least DID get done -- some two weeks ago. So stay tuned. You're not forgotten. In fact, I think of you all most every day -- and wish I could electronically send you each goodie I make every time I post a new picture.

Time, time, time. Where do I find more?

Sunday, December 09, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like ...

... Christmas! These fondant lights were a lot easier to place on the cake than our tangled strings are going to be to place on our tree tonight! A simple holiday cake for a dinner party.

Nutcracker Ballet

For a young lady who's performing in same. Toe shoe, ballerinas, Christmas presents and holiday garlands with ornaments ...

Baby Girl Shower Cake

Can you even STAND how cute those little pink gumpaste booties are???

Here Lies My Youth ...

A very clever fellow decided to host his 50th birthday party in a funeral home ... deciding to have his own funeral while he was still alive so he could hear all the grand eulogies ... then party with all his friends afterwards. This is a huge 3-layer chocolate cake with a tuxedo-ed Ken doll ensconced therein. For those who don't like cake, there were these ...

The Party Favors

A mixture of chocolate and vanilla shortbread tombstone cookies with crushed Oreos in the bottom of the bag for dirt.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Turning 35

Not a person -- a company. How about THAT for an amazing accomplishment in this day and age? 35 years in business! They threw a big party to celebrate, and I had the honor of crafting the cake. Cake decor was taken from their party invitations.

Eldest (photog) daughter was my delivery assistant, and got a great shot of the cake with the company Christmas tree in the background.

Ten Lizzie

For the most charming 10-year-old you could ever meet. Her party was to be at a beauty salon ... all the girls were getting their hair, nails and makeup done. This cake was based on her party invitation. While the pearls aren't edible, all the makeup on top of the cake was crafted from candy clay. My new favorite medium!

Izzie is One!

For a very special one year old. The cake decor was based on her birthday party invitation. I did her baby shower cake, too, which was based on her nursery decor. If I should have the honor of being asked to do her sweet-sixteen birthday cake, would that make me old????

Bugs Slugs Dirt and Mud

Another little boy cake. Although one day I'm sure I'll be asked to do a bug and dirt cake for a little girl. The bugs are plastic, the dirt is crushed oreos and the mud is royal icing. The #5 cookie on top is for the birthday boy's own enjoyment.