Saturday, May 30, 2009

Barnyard Animals

This lucky little guy has a petting zoo coming to his house for his birthday party today. So here's a cute little two-story (marble) cake for him, complete with barn, silo, cow, sheep, pigs and a flying duck. Buttercream icing, fondant accents. What fun!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Sophia's horse cake

This is the third birthday cake I've had the honor of making for this darling little girl. This year, she wanted a "Horse Cake!" So the fondant/gumpaste horse sits atop the colorful garden of a white/chocolate marble cake. All her favorite colors are incorporated via buttercream.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Thank you, Teachers!

Where would this world be without all you fabulous teachers? Personally, I believe EVERY teacher deserves an adorable and delicious personal cake (plus a bottle of wine or a six-pack) for their end-of-the-year gift. Goodness knows they need both by the end of a tough school year with our kids.

This one goes to a local third grade teacher whose kids are "The Wranglers." Only in Texas, right?

I just love those little boots.

Cute Camo Cake

Can you guess two outstanding characteristics of the birthday boy? If you guessed "big hunter" and "huge Longhorns fan," you are RIGHT. I just love this little cake. White Princess Sour Creme with all buttercream camo and Bevo.

Saturday, May 09, 2009


This is a birthday cake for a young woman who owns a bistro/wine bar. The wine bottle is a hollow sugar bottle, and the box it's sitting in is the cake. A 2-layer, 12 x 6" cake with wood-grained fondant on the sides, and coconut shreds making the excelsior in the wine box. WAY too much fun!

A dad turns 60!

Back in the day, this dad worked for a record company. Just try to guess one of the rock bands he promoted! His daughters' greatest memories are of the concerts they went to courtesy of Dad, so they chose this logo for his cake. He's also a big UT Longhorn fan, thus the tongue tattoo. You can't really tell what that is on the upper right, but it's a pair of "60" sunglasses. I figured he could lick the icing off and wear the glasses during the party.

Monday, May 04, 2009


The 7-year-old birthday girl is a bit more sophisticated in her tastes than many of her peers. She is currently enthralled with all things Ancient Egyptian and requested either a pyramid or sarcophagus for her birthday cake. I thought this golden pyramid would be a bit more dramatic than a sarcophagus, not to mention a new challenge for the cake baker. The palm trees are molded from gum paste. The desert sand is a mixture of graham cracker crumbs, yellow sanding sugar and chocolate sprinkles.

Her name in Heiroglyphics

There's a really cool tool on the web where you can type in your name and have it translated into Hieroglyphics. So I looked up the birthday girl's name and drew it out on a piece of parchment paper (covered with sealing tape) to add to the front of the cake.