Thursday, November 30, 2006

Masculine Birthday Cake

These are always a challenge. Not sure why. Perhaps cakes and frostings just naturally lend themselves to pretty, fluffy, pink frilly girly stuff. In any case, this was a birthday cake for a woman to give her husband. Chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, slabs of chocolate all 'round, tied with olive and red ribbons, and bits of fractured chocolate piled on top. Sure looks good to me!


SuperHolmie said...

With a cake like this, you can't tell if someone has gone in and nibbled off it. I like that kind of cake.

Kevin said...

Excellent point.

Sean said...

This may be the most beautiful cake I have ever seen! It appeals to my masculine
/minimalistic/modernistic aesthetic. WOW. I want one!


Sean said...

Also -- are you familiar with the Japanese concept of "Wabi Sabi"? This cake is so Wabi Sabi!

Sorry for the double comments, but I am really taken!

Kevin said...

Holy Moly. I did a Wabi Sabi and didn't even realize it! It's my new favorite concept.

THANKS for the double comments. Keep 'em coming. You've expanded my world.