Saturday, November 04, 2006

Mod Birthday

Almost forgot to post this today. This was a last-minute request for a quick birthday cake for a young woman turning 23 who isn't into either pink or girly. So she gets a mod-funky-uptown cool chick cake!

Chocolate fudge cake, chocolate fudge icing, marshmallow fondant accents. The fondant balls spiraling out of the top are stuck onto lengths of jewelry wire twisted into funky shapes, and stuck down into a straw that I poked down into the top of the cake. That way, the wires don't cut through the cake itself, the straw holds everything upright, and the wire never touches the cake. (Jewelry wire is not officially considered "Food-Safe" by the FDA, so it needs to be either wrapped in self-stick saran or stuck down inside a straw. Those little coffee swizzle sticks are perfect for single wires ... but I drink my coffee black so I never have any on hand.)

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