Friday, September 11, 2009

Noah's Ark

A giant cake (to serve 100) for a baby boy's baptism. My ever-popular White Princess Sour Creme cake slathered with wavy pale blue buttercream. The Ark is crafted from Rice Krispie treats, then covered in fondant and decorated with buttercream waves. The animals are sculpted from fondant and the straw roof is royal icing applied with a "grass" tip. The other side of the Ark features a pair of pink piggies and a pair of pandas.
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Ice Skate Cake

This ice skating birthday girl was receiving a pair of ice-blue skates for her birthday present, so of course I had to do an ice skate cake! This turned out to be one GIANT ice skate. Fondant-covered White Princess Sour Creme. It brings back memories of my childhood living on a lake in Michigan. We all had ice skates strapped to our feet the first winter after we could walk!
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Kate made this cake!

For her boyfriend's birthday. He requested strawberry cake with strawberry buttercream, walnut brownies and fresh strawberries. She baked a pan of brownies, cut them out with heart and star-shaped cookie cutters, then crumbled the leftovers into some buttercream and used that for the filling in the cake. She punched up the strawberry flavor in the cake and icing by adding a half package of strawberry jello to each. The brownie hearts and stars are marching around the sides of the cake and the sliced strawberries on top are doing their best imitation of the June Taylor Dancers. He loved it.
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Polka Dot Birthday

This two-tiered, fondant-covered White Princess Sour Creme cake was fashioned after the adorable birthday party invitations.
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Giant Spiderman Cupcake Cake

50 cupcakes (half chocolate, half vanilla) volunteered themselves in the creation of this giant Spiderman face. The birthday boy's party was being held at a Bounce House, so a cupcake cake seemed like the easiest, least messy way to serve 50 little bouncy ones. This cake was so large, it was dramatic-looking almost to the point of breathtaking.