Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A sparkly, girly princess turns 30

What a total joy this cake was to make.  Happy Birthday, Karla!

The disaster that was Emily's wedding cake ...

No pressure on the Mother of the Bride to make the wedding cake, right?  I had all four tiers perfectly iced and decorated and ready to stack and complete upon arrival at the wedding venue, 90 minutes by car west of Houston.  90 HOT minutes by car in early October in Texas.  90 HOT minutes wherein evidently NONE of the AC in the front of the car made it to the back of the car where the cakes were riding.  Kate and I were freezing in the front seat, covered with goosebumps and wishing we'd packed mittens and wool blankets.  What could possibly happen to the cakes in the far back, when we were so cold up front???  Well.  A lot could happen.  Like massive butter meltdown of all that buttercream icing.  DISASTER.  I didn't even take a 'before' picture of the groom's cake because it had broken into a million pieces and I wasn't at all sure it could be restored and I was afraid my new son-in-law would have a heart attack if he saw it.  (When you see the picture of his cake and realize that he's a Chicago boy who followed his bride down here to the Heart of Texas, you will understand why I was in fear ... )

Ten hours, 3 pounds of butter and 12 pounds of powdered sugar later...

The wedding cakes are rescued and restored!