Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bridal Butterflies

A general bridal shower for a bride-to-be who loves butterflies, and whose wedding colors are pale blues and greens and yellows. I think perhaps this is the most enchanting bridal shower cake I've ever done. I loved it! Plus, the butterflies are edible.

And ... the cookie favors

Bridal gowns, wedding cakes and champagne glasses. Lousy picture. Great cookies. If I do say so myself.

Hippie Chick turns 11

Oh yeah. I love those 11-year-olds who are totally into the peace-and-love of the late 1960's. Cutest chick. Cutest party. Cutest everything. And a giant hot pink VW Bug cake for the festivities. What could be better?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Baby Cake

Designed after the adorable baby boy shower invitations, this cake features darling zoo animals with the very cool color combo of light blue, darker blue, lime green and a bit of brown.

Baby showers are certainly way more sophisticated than when I was having my babies 25+ years ago!

And to go with this great Baby Cake, the hostess had ...

Cookie Favors

Aren't they just too cute? I love the idea of sending everyone home from the shower with a cookie favor.

Bridal Shower

I think these bridal gown cakes are so romantic and perfect for a 'general' bridal shower. This one was based on the beautiful shower invitation. White Princess Sour Creme cake on top of a chocolate cake base. Something for everyone!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Barnyard pals

A sweet little cake based on the birthday girl's party invitations. The mom's friend crafted the poly animals on top that EXACTLY matched the invites. I just provided the grass and sky and fence and clouds and flowers ...

Bottom layer White Princess Sour Creme, top layer chocolate.

Tiny Little Gee-Tar

Created for a fella who got a new guitar for his birthday. This one had to be teeny-tiny because it had to ship to Chicago. Which made it entirely out of proportion. But I was rather proud of my airbrushing skills.

But as it turns out ... it didn't survive the trip to Chicago too well. It got pretty well smooshed and smashed. But the birthday boy shared his birthday with Election Day and got the election results he wanted, so he was too busy celebrating the bigger picture to mind a little smushed cake.