Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Family Reunion on Crystal Beach

This is from back in November (when I was totally gobsmacked by new grandbaby and couldn't post pics). But what a gorgeous cake, eh? White Princess Sour Creme cake slathered in buttercream and topped with chocolate shells and fondant pearls. Oh my. I can taste it now.
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Back Hoe

For a group of 2 and 3 year old boys. Donut tires, graham cracker dirt and a gumpaste back hoe. Everything else is cake and buttercream. Fun!
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Can you tell

... where this gal was moving to from Houston? Cute idea provided by the customer.
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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

To all you great dads out there. These are the treats we are having tonight, along with veggie burgers and veggie hot dogs and potato salad and green salad and deviled eggs. A chocolate cake iced in buttercream in the shape of a couple of watermelon slices ...
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... and ...


Chocolate cake balls! The lighter chocolate coated ones are simple chocolate cake balls, the darker chocolate ones have a maraschino cherry stuffed in the middle. Oh my. WAY too rich!
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Thursday, June 09, 2011


That's the grandbaby I've been trying to blame for my lack of posts on this blog since last September. What a bad Granny I am. It really wasn't her fault and I shouldn't have blamed her.

(She is sitting in the midst of Grandpa's glorious garden here, a few weeks ago. Isn't she cute?)

As it turns out, I can blame all the lack of posts/pictures to this blog on my camera! Izzy's mom is a professional photographer. She helped me figure out how to upload pictures again from my camera to to my blog last night (the process which hasn't been working since September), then very diplomatically told me I have a DINOSAUR of a camera to deal with and better gosh darned buy a new one!

All righty then.

My apologies to everyone whose cakes I've created since September and haven't been able to post the pictures of ...
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Baby Kate's birthday pies

Yes, I know. She just turned 23. She's hardly a baby. But she's our youngest and we sometimes still call her that. And believe it or not, I sometimes do things other than cakes. On the left is a peach-blueberry pie, on the right you will find a fresh strawberry pie. Rather totally delicious, both of them.
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Swim Party

The birthday boy received a new pair of turquoise and white seersucker swim trunks with his initials embroidered on them. This is the cake version. Way fun.
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Cake Balls!

Such delectable little bits of heaven-in-your-mouth. Who wouldn't want a tray of these for their birthday?!
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Baby niece cookies

Even if I can't be there to hold and cuddle and smooch them when they're born, at least I can send some pretty darn cute cookies to celebrate their arrival onto the planet. (Their older siblings get the benefit, but I get the pleasure.)
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Baby niece cookies - more

These were a year late. Great Aunt Kevin has been a bit distracted lately. But they were made and sent with love to darling Berklee and her two big sisters!
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