Monday, November 13, 2006

More Bailey

As I experiment with pictures ... trying for two at a time in this post. Placement of the pics (my original complaint with the original Blogger) isn't looking too promising.

Okay, well ... it's not all that bad. But what shows up out here vs. what shows up on the page where I create this stuff is totally different. Whatever. The pink number on top happens to be her double-lined flannel jammies. And I'm sure you'll recognize the purple/gold/sage/orange outfit as her "fall costume." Her previous dresses were either pink and white or a Shabby Chic pink and pale green -- and we all know not to wear those colors after Labor Day.

P.S. You can certainly tell Bailey's mother is a professional photographer ... have you ever SEEN a dog pose this nicely during a 30-minute photoshoot? And she doesn't even look too chagrined at being forced to wear outfits. Does she?


SuperHolmie said...

The fall cake turned out WONDERFULLY. You outdid yourself. The fruits, especially, look amazing. Those baby pineapples are the cutest things... I see them sometimes at Central Market.

The dog dress is great, too. I can't believe how expensive animal clothes are. One of my friends loves to dress her dogs and has a massive wardrobe for them... I can't imagine the fortune she probably spent. If you can make the stuff... I'm impressed!

Don't know yet what we will do about the computer. One thing I hate about buying a new one is that they come with so much CRAP that I end up deleting anyway, but getting the thing up and running is such an asswhip. Our Austin friends have a Mac and love it... they go on about it and speak of it very reverently. The cost is certainly a factor-- it would be twice as much as a PC-- and I would have to spend who knows how many hours converting my PC stuff over to the new computer. We will see. This is something I'm going to wait until Thanksgiving to worry about.

My good friend Dustin is graduating with his masters this Friday night and I'm in charge of the cake. How I wish you lived right next door so I could get you to make it for me!


Kate said...

too cute! and she didn't even need aunt Kate there to get her to smile! :)

Kevin said...

Thanks, and yup, those pineapples (and all the other fruits) came from Central Market.

Good luck with the new computer venture - I always dread that process, myself.

Oh I WISH I could be there to do Dustin's cake! Give him a huge congrats from me. (I feel like I know him ;-))

And to Kate -- hard to believe she smiled all on her own, isn't it?