Friday, November 10, 2006

Gilding the ..... nuts?

Gilded pineapples and mixed nuts -- part of the cake's fall themed decor. Cake topper will be a miniature gilded pineapple nestled together with a tiny crab apple, a miniature bosc pear, and a few gilded nuts.

I've sliced the other mini-pines in half, so that they'll fit on the sides of the cake, along with the other mini-fruits. I have them sitting out on several layers of paper towels overnight so they don't leak their juice all over the icing and ruin the cake tomorrow.

Of course -- it's been in the 80's today with high humidity levels, and now we've got a lovely thunderstorm happening ... so keep your fingers crossed that this icing doesn't slide off the sides of the cake by tomorrow morning. If the promised cold front actually follows this storm, we should be all right.

Off to the engineering portions of this creation now.

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