Saturday, November 25, 2006

Twins Turn Five

Two cakes for darling boy-and-girl twins who are turning five. The girl loves penguins. The boy loves bugs. Turns out, he loves turtles more, but bless his heart, he was very gracious about having lady bugs on this cake ... so he gets a tiny little turtle cake next week along with his big brother's baseball cake. (It's a secret though, so don't tell him.) Check back in here Tuesday for pics of the tiny turtle cake.

One cake vanilla, one cake chocolate. I'm going to try to post a bunch of views of both cakes here so you can get an idea of the whole thing. Blogger drives me crazy with their picture placement stuff ... who knows what this will turn out looking like.

I didn't have time to do the white-background version of the pics, but Kate graciously took pictures right on the kitchen table, even after they arrived to pick up the cakes ... so you see them in their raw splendor, and not 'artfully posed'. No doubt you will also notice the sterile cotton balls still holding open the package bows on top of the cakes -- holding them open 'til they dry sufficiently to not collapse in on themselves ... the cotton balls DO get removed before cake presentation.

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