Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sheriff's Badge

I'm prepping for the baby shower cake due this coming Sunday. The shower theme is "There's a New Sheriff in Town." How cute is that? So this is the Sheriff's Badge that will stand at the top of the cake, with the little Buckaroo's name inscribed on it. The badge is made from gum paste, which dries a whole lot faster and more dependably than fondant does, down here in humid ol' Houston. Still totally edible, just not very tasty. Kind of a flat, overly sweet taste. Probably better as a keepsake. I think it would last forever.

And for those of you who check this blog daily -- I spent yesterday working on my soap blog, so haven't posted anything here for TWO days now! I hope the multiple posts to my other blog count for my one-post-a-day commitment. Check out Urban Suds at any time you're frustrated with a lack of posts on this blog ;-)

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