Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cookies for another cousin

Since her birthday is March 1, and Easter is in March this year, I thought perhaps some Easter eggish, spring-colored cookies would be a welcome respite from the relentless snow, ice, gray skies and cold they've had to deal with all this winter in Michigan.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Collaborative Cake for Cousin's Kids

Aka, "World of Warcraft" cake. I would know nothing of "WOW" if it weren't for my cousins who imported that world here from Michigan and Tennessee. I still know nothing about it, really, but here's a cake that hopefully represents (where would I be without Google?).

Short background info: The dad, mom and eldest son all have birthdays in February. Dad and both sons are all into WOW. Mom's birthday is on Valentine's day. Birthday son has a dog walking/poop-scooping business.

Parents of the dad were here visiting recently, thus the collaborative cake conversation for their combined birthdays.

Those brown shapes on top of the cake represent the two worlds (continents?) in WOW. The purple/white swirly thing is the "Maelstrom." The blue/green orb with golden toothpicks sticking out of it is the compass.

The gilded red hearts 'round the cake represent the mom's birthday on Valentine's Day.

And the fondant grass replete with gilded fondant dog turds represents eldest son's birthday.

This is winging its way to Michigan as we speak. Keep your fingers crossed.

AND ... it's another surprise. Can't wait to hear if they figure out what it is inside that box ........

Simple, elegant wedding cake

This one was created for the mother of a bride whose wedding cake I did last summer. Mom loved the flavor of that cake so much that she requested another one for her own wedding. She designed the cake herself -- a fondant ribbon 'round the bottom of the hexagonal cake to match her wedding gown, and two intertwining silver (gumpaste) rings on top. I brushed it all with a pearl dust for a touch of extra glamour.

Mom ordered yet another cake besides her own wedding cake. The cake you see below is for ...

... her daughter's birthday

This is a surprise cake for the newlywed's birthday, which is the day after the wedding. I am hoping she is so busy today that she won't have time to look online and thus spoil her surprise. Mom said she loves bright, fun colors and isn't too girly ... hope this fits the bill.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Holy Cookies and Cakes, Batman!

Gotham City lives! The birthday boy's 5-year-old big sister suggested that the little girls attending the party wouldn't want a Bat Cookie for their party favor, so I did Flower Cookies for the girls in the same color theme.

Five year olds are scary smart these days, eh?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Coach Purse -- Spring 2008

Created for the daughter of a cyber-friend as she turns 21. Mom requested a purse and said daughter loves pink and green, and Coach and Juicy. I did some research and word on the street is that this stripe design is Coach's latest pattern for spring 2008 purses.

So I took the basic colors and designed my own version of a Coach purse for her. Hope she likes it.

It was a shipper, too. Hope it survived the trip without too much squishing.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Baby Boy Shower Cake

This one is winging its way to Phoenix. Do you love that sleeping baby boy or what? He and his pacifier and blanket are made of fondant. Marble cake with buttercream icing inside. Fingers crossed for an excellent arrival outcome. Shipping cakes always makes me nervous because I have no control over the process. If I could buy an airplane seat and hand-deliver each cake to its destination myself, I would.

Happy Valentine

This cake is being sent by seven adult siblings to their Mama for Valentine's Day ... how sweet is that?

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Purse Cake

This design was requested by a young lady turning 12. She found a picture of a purse that she loved in an old magazine touting the "300 most popular purses at Neiman Marcus this year" or some such. I searched the web for a long time to try to find this purse, but alas. She and her mom did a great job of drawing it from memory, the mom bought the feathers from Michaels, and I did my best to reproduce it. I happen to love the design, and think it could translate into all kinds of awesome purse cakes in the future.

This same birthday girl requested a cake decorating class from moi for herself and her 3 girlfriend party-goers on her big day. How could I refuse? The pictures of their resulting cakes are below.

Class Cakes

Are these adorable or what? I limited their choices of design and color (for the sake of my own sanity) but was, as always, fascinated by each girl's uniquely inherent creativity within those limitations. They frosted their cakes, mixed the fondant, colored the fondant, covered their cakes with the fondant, then decorated. AWESOME!

Go Rockets!

For a young man turning 13, and taking his party guests to the Houston Rockets game last night. They won! The Rockets logo on top is crafted of chocolate ... everything else is fondant over a chocolate-iced vanilla cake.

Enchanted Dreams

Cake design based on the birthday girl's party invitation. Those are pink and purple castles on either side of the princess carriage.

Another friend turns 50

Does that mean we're getting old?

Laissez les bon temps rouller!

Yup, Mardi Gras is big down here. This was made for a school fund-raiser. The mask is made of gumpaste formed over an actual mask. The star-swirly things are from Michael's.