Monday, May 26, 2008

Bye bye, Em!

This is my cake for our Chicago-bound daughter's going away party. The house is crafted to look similar to the house she'll be living in, in Chicago. The Chicago map is an edible icing image applied to the top of the cake. If you can see the paw-shaped "indentation" right at the word "Chicago", that's from our cat. She wanted to make her mark and say her good-byes, too.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fair Warning

For all of my fabulous fans ...

I'll have one more cake picture this week, then seven more from May 30 to June 4.

On June 5, we hit the road to help mid-kid move to Chicago and get settled in, and won't return until June 12th.

So you're going to have another cake-picture drought until mid-late June.

Try to deal.

German Chocolate Hennessey cake

Boy. Do I do "custom" cakes, or what? Even made up a new recipe to incorporate Hennessey cognac into a German Chocolate cake this time -- at the request of the birthday girl's friend. The traditional coconut pecan icing is pretty much impossible to decorate on top of, so this is what I came up with.

The foot cookie atop is some kind of an "inside joke," and all the sweets represent what is evidently a rather rampant sweet tooth on the part of the honoree.

While that lumpy drippy icing replete with coconut and toasted pecans is hardly the smooth finish of one of my fondant covered cakes, it surely is DELICIOUS. (Yes, I taste-tested it to make sure.)

We've got cake, cookie, frosting and candies all in one cake ... that combo surely should sufficiently feed even the world's biggest sweet tooth.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Recent dearth of pictures

Sorry, y'all. I've been so busy with cakes lately that I've hardly had time to take pictures of them before they go out the door, much less POST said pictures. Below you'll find about half of the cakes I've done in the past 3 weeks. Enjoy!

Wedding Shower Music Box

The bride and groom are music majors, their wedding colors are red and gold. This is an open music box cake, with red flowers spilling out over the front and side. Can you see the silver (gumpaste) engagement ring in the front? I also did some music-note and grand-piano cookies to go with the cake. Love this one.

Back side of the Music Box cake

Tea Party Birthday

A big birthday party for a six year old. She wanted the teapot and teacups birthday cake, with the colors all based on the party invitations. As this cake would not be big enough for all, below you will see ...

The big cake

Complete with silver royal-icing tiara. This cake is to feed the rest of the party-goers. And it's chocolate, per the birthday girl's request.

Another baby shower

Decor based on the shower invitation. How cute!

Baby Toile

A baby shower cake based on the nursery decor, which is white, pink and black toile. Love it. Wish I'd been cool enough to do the same theme in our eldest daughter's nursery.

Turning 18

I did his brother's cake back when he turned 18, and now it's his turn. Sadly and inexplicably -- this boy doesn't even LIKE cake. Who could imagine such a thing? But his mama had promised him a cake, anyway. And here it is. White, black and silver.

Stacked presents

For a young girl's birthday. Festive, fun and delicious!

Around-The-Clock Wedding Shower

A giant chocolate cake "clock" topped with gumpaste bride and groom figurines.

Mother's Day

This little cake features the birth-month flowers of each of her seven children.

First Communion

A simple white almond sour creme cake with raspberry filling for a First Communion ceremony.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Star cookies completed

All baked, iced, decorated, bagged, labeled and tied. Thank goodness for my fabulous apprentice and all 3 daughters for their help.

Cookies, cookies, cookies

300 star cookies in process. You would be amazed how much space 300 cookies take up on all horizontal surfaces.


For an adult woman who always wanted this kind of cake as a little girl. I love to make cake-dreams come true.

A golden 27

For a young woman's 27th birthday celebration. Yum!

Baby girl shower

Another adorable sleeping baby girl cake for a shower. I hear it was a hit. White almond sour creme with buttercream icing and fondant.