Monday, October 30, 2006

PTO Bake Sale

It's been many a year since I participated in one of these. Youngest daughter now works at an elementary school, and their "fall fundraiser" is upcoming. I was happy to have an excuse to try my hand at decorated sugar cookies, as opposed to cakes. Love the fall leaves and acorn cookie cutters.

I made 6 dozen, and 4 dozen managed to make it to school in those fancy packages. I hope they make a bunch of money off of them. The school's mascot is an owl, thus the package labels.


SuperHolmie said...

I'd write more, but I'm licking the screen. I love decorated sugar cookies. Is the icing that royal icing that Martha Stewart uses paste food coloring in?

Kevin said...

I don't use her actual recipe, but it's very similar to it. And yes, paste icing is the only way to get the more intense colors.

I love decorated sugar cookies, too. Hope I have time to do some for Christmas.