Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Totally Weird

I don't know if this is something hinky within Blogger.com, or something I did unwittingly on my own, but suddenly the comments portion of this blog, AND the part where I post things and do stuff and manage the darn thing, are all written in GERMAN!

What in the world.....?

What you guys (and I) write still shows up in English, but everything around it is in German from my end. Does it show up in German on your end of things? Please let me know. I know no German. Thus, I can't figure out how to get this German language thingy off of my site.


Sean said...

Not a spot of German for us... What is going on?

Sean said...

Not a spot of German for us... What is going on?

Kevin said...

I have no idea. I guess the Germans have invaded my computer. Actually, I've probably flipped a switch somewhere, but I can't figure out how to flip it back because I can't read German. Am gonna have to borrow Kate's computer and see if I can fix it from there. How bizarre.

tmtn@earthlink.net said...

Nein. No Deutsche from here.

On any language, though, those cakes look like some good eatin'.

We love ya,

Marty, Theresa, Timmy and Nathaniel

Kevin said...

Thanks, TMTN. They IS some good eatin', those cakes!

And by the way ... here's a cut-and-paste from directly above this box I'm typing in now:

Hinterlassen Sie Ihren Kommentar.
Sie k├Ânnen einige HTML-Tags verwenden, wie beispielsweise

I'm so confused.

Kevin said...

And I'm still awake so late!!!