Saturday, October 28, 2006


Created for a little boy's birthday. Vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream. Flags in the outfield are paper (I love my PrintShop) taped to straws. Bases, balls, bats and on-deck circles are fondant. Dirt is crushed gingersnaps. The hot dog, Coke, glove and peanuts are Wilton candles. How clever that they packaged them in a foursome, perfect for a four-year-old!

I had to draw heavily on Uncle Ron's baseball wisdom for this one. And even DR had to remind me that the pitcher's mound is gingersnap dirt, NOT grass. Duh.

And no, NOTHING herein is to scale. But then, no one has ever accused me of being an architect.


SuperHolmie said...

I already like the smell of dirt, but gingersnap dirt has to be, like, incredible.

I like the idea of a hot dog being bigger than the pitcher's mound.

Nonentity said...

yum! yum! ... happy (very) belated b'day sue. :)