Monday, October 02, 2006

For my own personal Constant Gardener


Anonymous said...

I have been admiring your cakes online for some time now. Just gorgeous creations!
Oh, and I hope that ***** "Grandma" goes down in flames on election day.

Kevin said...

Thanks, gal ;-) I love your blog and words, as well.

SuperHolmie said...

YOU have no idea how much I LOVE ladybugs... I have a ladybug necklace I wear every day! They are the best insects!

Kevin said...

Hmmm... when's your birthday and what's your address? I feel a ladybug cake coming on.

Here's a fun story -- our adult children and their friends got together last night and held a blind taste-testing for their friends with a cake I had made, and a cake from a well-known, expensive local bakery. My cake won, hands down. The bakery cake tasted like "sawdust with crisco on top."

I so love my kids, and my Constant Gardener hubby. He makes so many ladybugs appear, we even get them inside our house.

SuperHolmie said...

My mother lives in deep East Texas. A couple of years ago we visited her and to our horror, saw dead ladybugs all over the guest bedroom of her house. They were on the floor, in the light fixtures, and even attached to the curtains. How they got in there or why they died is a mystery, but they were only in that room.

It was the worst thing ever.