Monday, October 16, 2006

Happy Birthday

A pretty little "present" cake ordered by a husband, for his wife who likes chocolate and the color lavender. I hope she likes it, and I hope it gets where it's going okay. We've had 89 zillion inches of rain today (okay- I exaggerate) and for a while I thought I might have to launch it off in a canoe.

For those of you who like to hear all the details (i.e., lick the screen), it's a two-layer chocolate fudge cake, iced in chocolate buttercream, with chocolate cornelli-lace decorating the gift box. The lavender ribbons-and-roses and the green leaves are all fondant, painted with a bit of silver luster-dust for a pretty sheen.


Jean said...

Oh, this is SO pretty! I know G. will be pleased. I won't write her yet, in case it's a "surprise", but how cool a connection is that!!! I just love networking!

Anonymous said...

When you give all the details about what's in your cakes, I get all excited and read so fast I miss words, then have to read it again and again. I imagine teenaged boys feel the same way when they get their hands on porn.

The cake is gorgeous and the colors are perfect.


Kevin said...


It's always so delightfully gratifying to read what you write.

Whether here, there, or anywhere.

Muchas gracias.