Monday, February 26, 2007

Winging it's way ...

to the frozen northland. If you have any pull with the DHL fairies, please put in a good word for this cake to get to its destination on time. All 3 shippers claim they can't promise anything due to yesterday's weather up there, so we shall see.

The colors in this picture are a bit more intense than they really are -- it's much more pastel than it looks here. A pretty little cake for a pretty lady artist turning 50-mumble-something.

And since she's my younger cousin, that must make me MORE than 50-mumble-something. Yikes. How'd that happen?

This cake looks so "simply pretty" to me, that it's one of the FEW cakes I've ever made that I wish I could have a piece of. (I'm not much of a cake eater -- I just love to create them for people who DO love cakes.) Oh well. DHL didn't exactly invite me to ride on the plane and hold the cake in my lap. Too bad for me.


Nonentity said...

hmmm .. looks good .. what's it like inside? chocolate? layers?

Kevin said...

It's my white almond sour cream cake, two layers, with buttercream icing, underneath the fondant. Yum!