Saturday, February 24, 2007

Wedding Shower

This was an "Entertaining" shower for the bride and groom. The bride's sister wrote a darling poem (on the chalkboard, upper right), and I searched their bridal registries to see the types of things they are registered for as they plan to entertain a lot in their new life together. He likes beer, she likes champagne, and they registered for a champagne bucket and a big black cooler-on-wheels (I left off the wheels.) Champagne bottle is a candle, beer cans are plastic novelties. Chip and dip bowl, complete with chips and dip. A set of their dishes. A silver grill pan complete with hot dogs and hamburgs. A casserole dish filled with spaghetti. And the cake plate they wanted, complete with a wedding-cake candle. The fondant covering the cake is the same color as her attendants' gowns. They'll carry fuchsia tulips.

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