Sunday, February 11, 2007

Is that a CAKE???

This cake was done for a woman who adores the Mary Frances line of purses. I had no idea what a Mary Frances purse was, but a few pictures later, I was educated. Mary Frances also has a line of pillows. This purse is my interpretation of a combination of one of her pillow designs, and her purse styles.

Chocolate cake, chocolate frosting ... covered with black fondant. All details from fondant and painted with either copper, pink or green luster dust.

This was such a delight to create. I'm lovin' these purse cakes lately ...


Jimmy Hoffa said...

I think I am going to let you make Joe's birthday cake this year.

As always, another fabulous creation.


Kevin said...

That would be almost as exciting as getting to make YOUR birthday cake this year, Jimmy Hoffa!