Friday, February 16, 2007

Groom's Cake

For a bride and groom who first met on a fishing trip, and still love to go fishing together. Cake is chocolate with chocolate-fudge icing (obviously). The basket was the closest I could find to a fisherman's creel -- an unpainted wood number from Michael's that I "stained" with brown and terra cotta food coloring. I hand-carved/shaped the fish from gumpaste, then painted with food colors thinned with vodka.


Nonentity said...

hey kev, if you don't mind sharing the info, how does one smoothen (rounds) the edges of the cake like you did with the hearts?

Kevin said...

Those heart cakes were baked in a Wilton pan called "Puffed Hearts" -- that's what gives them those nice rounded edges. Unfortunately, they no longer make the pan, but you can sometimes snag one on ebay.

I bought the pan years ago when the girls were little -- not having the first clue how valuable it would become in the future ;-)