Saturday, March 22, 2008


I guess Muffaletta sandwiches are a Southern thing. Typically ham, salami, melty cheese and olive spread, all stacked on a bun. This is my sweeter version -- all made with cake, buttercream and fondant.

Turns out, a native Texan girl now living in the Midwest has been CRAVING these Muffaletta sandwiches ever since she moved. She's back in town this weekend to celebrate her birthday. Her sister thought a Muffalletta sandwich CAKE would be a great idea.

I have to agree. Way fun.


Kate said...

OMG!! Jennell and I were just looking at this and she was like wait what? why is there a sandwich on here?? haha That's amazing mom!!!

Kevin said...

LOL. Thanks, sweetie.

Just realized I've got 4 more cake pictures to post. I'd better get busy!

Luv ya.