Thursday, March 13, 2008

More Star Wars

This is for the turning-9-year-old who loaned me his R2D2 figurine for the cake I did back in November.

This time, his birthday cake is either a clone, or a storm trooper, or clone storm trooper, or something along those lines. He came over to make sure I had the right picture (once again, thank you, Google Images!) before I even started on the cake.

I hope he is sufficiently blown away by how awesome "I" think this cake is ;-)


Kate said...

How do you have soo much freakin artistic ability and I don't have ANY?!?!

Kevin said...

I don't know, but then you're the one with a freakin' 100 in your college Statistics class!!!

Talent/ability comes in many different ways.

Luv ya.