Friday, October 19, 2007

Two Cakes for a Hand Surgeon

This larger cake is for her birthday party celebration in the office, and the cake below is a smaller cake for her to take home and enjoy with her family.

The design on top (in royal icing) happens to be a topographic relief map of the human hand giving the "okay" sign. (No way could I do most of my cakes without my BFF Google!)

They had discussed in the beginning wanting a cake shaped like a hand giving the "okay" sign. I most definitely could not figure out the physics on that one, so they agreed to just a sheet cake with two hands drawn on top.

Well, I knew that just wasn't going to be awesome-looking enough for my cake standards, so I came up with this.

As it turns out, my muses were speaking directly to me. This is the position they put your hand in when they take an x-ray, and here I have an x-ray-looking-ish hand on the top of the cake. Who knew?

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