Friday, October 19, 2007

The Hand

I was originally intending to make this a pretty, delicate female hand with nail polish, a sparkly ring and a pearl bracelet. But it turns out to be darn hard to craft small slender fingers out of a 2" tall cake and have enough cake left for more than once person to eat. Once I got the fondant on this one, it was obvious this was going to have to be a man's hand.

So I made up the story in my head that this was a granddaddy farmer who got his hand caught in a hay baler and came to this lady hand surgeon to fix his hand so he could go back to providing for his family -- and keeping everyone else in the community fed. Thus, the blue chambray work shirt cuff and the hand lying in a bed of grass. Or alfalfa sprouts.

I'm hoping her little kids will get a huge kick out of this cake.

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