Wednesday, October 10, 2007


You've heard the story of the shoemaker's children never having any shoes, right? Well, here are some cookies for the fam. My son in law complained that I never make chocolate cookies for him, our daughters complain if there's nothing sweet to eat whenever they stop by ... so here's my answer to them all. 8 dozen Halloween cookies in the last 4 days.

Just. For. Them.

And anyone else who stops by, of course.

Happy Halloween!

(That's a way cool witch's hat in the background, but I need first daughter's photo skills to make it show up properly.)


Mrs. Holmes said...

Damn, I wish you lived next door to me. I heart cookies.

Kate said...

wow I had no idea it was 8 dozen!!

Kevin said...

Yup. 8. But half of them seem to be inhaled before they even hit the platter. That's why it doesn't seem like 8 dozen ;-)

And Mrs. Holmes didn't even get any!!!