Saturday, September 01, 2007

Teacher Retirement

This cake was made for my Comadre ... our daughter's mother-in-law. She is retiring after 28 years of teaching the above subjects. The kids are throwing her a surprise retirement party today. The Spanish 101 book is chocolate, the French 2 book is lemon poppyseed with key lime curd filling, and the ESL book is White Almond Sour Cream. All iced in buttercream, covered with fondant book covers, and accented with chocolate-ganache-dipped strawberries.

The cake isn't really leaning -- it's my camera angle. I'd already loaded it into the sturdy cardboard transport box and didn't want the ugly cardboard to show in the pictures ... so this is my version of creative photography.

Yes, I know ... I should leave the photography to eldest daughter.


Kate said...

omg! those look soo good! she's going to love them. What gorgeous books!

Restaurant Gal said...

Um, I taught high school English back in the day. Gluten-free recipe to follow!

She loved this cake, right?

Kevin said...

kate: Thanks, doll. I've come a long way since your graduation cake, eh?

rg: Yes, she loved the cake. Didn't want to cut into it. I really loved this one, myself.