Saturday, September 29, 2007

Happy Birthday,Dougie!

A topsy-turvy cake for hubby's birthday today. Bottom layer is a carrot cake in the shape of a tool box, middle layer is a chocolate tipping-over paint can, top layer is a while almond sour cream flower pot. Wish you could see the silver clasp on the tool box better -- it's my favorite part of the cake. And that's spilled dirt from the flower pot on top (aka crushed Oreos) around the bottom border

If you know Doug, you know why the girls and I chose these 3 themes for his cake.

Almost party time!


Mrs. Holmes said...

Wow! We finally met!

Kelli and I had such a great time... we can't wait to come back. Dustin and Joe have got to meet you two.

Thank you again for the wonderful dinner, the soap, the cat interaction, taking us back to the hotel and the company. Highlight of our trip, no doubt.

Kevin said...

Well with the trip you two have had, it wouldn't be hard to be the highlight! ;-)

We REALLY loved the whole evening with you guys -- and you definitely have to get Joe and Dustin down here sooner rather than later. And Phillip!

Kevin said...

Oh and ... thanks for the lovely bottle of wine!