Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Mother in Law

What do you get for the woman who either already has, or can buy, anything? It's an annual struggle for us. Typically we end up with fairly pitiful offerings, but this year, I lucked out. Found a fabulous black umbrella edged with red silk roses (her name is Rose) in the "Signals" catalog. The darn thing looks fabulous whether it's fully opened or cinched closed. Then I sent her some cookies along the theme of ... "since we can't be with you at your house on your birthday with coffee and cake ... thought we'd send the party to you." Decorated with roses, cream and gilt.

No, no guilt. Just gilt.


Photochic said...

Great job mama. She will love them.

Kevin said...

Thanks, sweetie. I think she will, too.

The Wolverine said...

I've seen that rose umbrella. I love signals. Have you seen the t-shirt they sell that is red and says "Celebrate Life With Ketchup?"


See you in 22 days!

Kevin said...

Haven't seen that one, but love this one:

National Sarcasm Society
Like we need your support


Anonymous said...

I was at Grandma's when she opened her box of cookies. Not only were they adorable but they taste great! What a cute idea. I will keep you in mind for upcoming events.

Joani Rose

Kevin said...

Thanks, Joani Rose! Glad you were there. Hopefully you took a couple home for the kiddos.