Friday, August 24, 2007

Flutter by, butterfly

I don't know if you can see those butterflies very well or not, but they're printed on rice paper with edible inks, then cut out and applied to the cake. This young woman ordered her own birthday cake, and wanted realistic-looking butterflies on it. I originally thought I'd do an authentic nature-scape type cake, complete with all the plants that butterflies love ... but as it progressed it turned into more of a Secret Garden type cake. When she came to pick it up, one look at her told me that the cake had turned out perfectly for her personality.


Anonymous said...

Love the cake! May I ask for the name of the woman from whom you ordered the butterflies? I'd love to use those on a cake!

Kevin said...

The butterflies are an edible image printed on rice paper. I purchased them from my local cake supply store, Make A Cake.