Friday, August 31, 2007

Back to School

UPDATE: Not a single crumb was left. Not one. And this was a 3-layer, 10" round. Next time I'll go for a 3-layer, 12" round.

Youngest daughter wanted to take a cake to the teachers and staff at the elementary school where she works in the Extended Day program. I hope it made their first Friday back at work a little bit more fun. This turned out to be a Neapolitan cake ... one layer chocolate, one layer white, and one layer pink champagne. Iced with buttercream. The Wise Owl mascot was done with royal icing. Can't wait to hear how many crumbs were left. I love teachers -- they love my cakes!


Anonymous said...

OMG!!! we literally licked the plate clean. As a fellow co-worker, witness and fellow cake plate licker...I can truly say I love it when her daughter comes by with that art we better know as cake...thanks again...I can't wait for the next function so I can order one for myself so I don't have to share

Anonymous said...

How beautiful and fantastic. I was calling teachers on the PA to come and get a piece because it was absolutely delicious!! Not to mention how gorgeous it was. You have a wonderful talent and a very sweet fine young lady for a daughter. Keeps those cakes coming!! Let's see: End of February, Beginning of March, Spring break coming soon, Welcome back from Spring break . . . and the list goes on!!