Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Change of Taste (so warn your taste buds before viewing)

I couldn't resist posting this beautiful picture of Mother Nature's Bounty. I grew up in southwestern Michigan where Dad planted tomatoes in our summer garden every year. I took those luscious beauties SO for granted back then. I can still taste a Michigan tomato BLT in my mind. The tomatoes in Texas, and modern tomatoes in general, don't hold a candle to what we grew up with.

But these gorgeous orbs come darn close. This is a case of organic heirloom tomatoes that we are wildly fortunate to be in possession of. I'm eating tomatoes for breakfast, lunch and dinner as long as this supply holds out.

I hope you warned your taste buds before viewing. Cake and tomatoes don't go so well together.


Restaurant Gal said...

Great, and I do mean great, photo!

Kevin said...

Isn't it though? I do adore it when Mother Nature is allowed free reign.