Thursday, June 28, 2007

Well fiddle-de-dee

A surprise cake for my Uncle's birthday today. He played his fiddle (we call him a violinist, he calls himself a fiddle player) through the wind, rain and even hail at our daughter's recent outdoor wedding.

And I have to say -- he survived his 1200-mile trip down here to play in her wedding, far better than my fiddle-cake survived the 1200-mile trip up to his home this week.

But at least we have pictures of what it looked like when it left here. And it still tastes good.


Hill said...

There you are! I had lost track of you long ago, and POOF! I noticed your name on a comment on Ablog, which, BTW, was HILARIOUS.

MAGNIFICENT cake, as usual.

Kevin said...


Thanks for your compliment. Glad you thought I was funny on Ablog. I do what I can. And it seems that's all we have left these days -- a sense of humor ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi. Great cake! I want to make a fiddle cake for my dad, and I was wondering how you made the neck? You may email me at: