Sunday, June 10, 2007


I wasn't at all sure I could pull this one off. Seemed like a tall order to me. Thank goodness for the internet. Where would I be without the "Image Search" function? It helped that Shrek 3 is out now, so there were plenty of pictures to study. I wanted to document the creation of this creature for my own records, and thought you might enjoy seeing the pictures of how this guy came to be from just some cake batter, marshmallows, rice krispies and lots of powdered sugar. Problem is, I got so busy doing all the little details when I dressed him and put his face on, that I forgot to pick up the camera and click the shutter along the way. But you can get a little bit of an idea of the process in the posts below.

He was a whole lot of fun to make -- even though I had a horrible nightmare early this morning about it all. It seems I had left home at 5 am and walked to Miami in one hour. Once in Miami, I realized it was going to take me three full days to get back here before I could even think of finishing the cake. While on the one hand being very impressed that I had walked 2,000 miles in one hour, I was in an absolute panic about not getting this cake done on time today.

Yeesh. Do I take my work a little too seriously or what?

"It's only cake!"


Hoops McCann said...

Another winner. I know if I had the chance to sculpt something out of Rice Krispies, it wouldn't be legal to photograph.

He looks great, though!

Joe is in Europe and then Connecticut until July, so let's plan on doing his birthday cake sometime in July... how does that sound? Your new incredible chocolate, chocolate chip/almond cake sounds fantastic.

I'm thinking we might want to make Joe's cake look like a pill box... you know, one of those elderly jobs. Is that doable? I'll need to double check with Dustin to see if he's got any bright ideas.

Another one would be if you could recreate a bottle of Curve cologne...

What do you think??

Kevin said...

July is good -- I have a wedding cake due on 7/28, so we'll need to work around that date. If you want to do the party on the weekend before, or even earlier, that would be perfect.

Love the pill box idea. We could have fun with all the different kinds of pills. I could probably figure out how to do the Curve cologne bottle, too -- it just wouldn't be quite as much of a creative challenge (i.e., fun) for me.

But hey -- I'll do whatever YOU want most, and it will be awesome.

Dr. Zaius said...

Eep! Shrek cake is kind of scary!