Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Turning 50

A cake made for my cousin -- an amazing woman turning 50, who loves the color green and all things horse-related. I didn't think my skills were up to crafting an actual horse -- so I did a copper-plated horseshoe, and a gold 50, and some bright and pretty flowers scattered 'round, instead. Her first name starts with a 'J,' thus the Rocking J Ranch sign on the front. The sign on the back of the cake says, "Est. 1957." And there's a copper fondant twisted-rope bottom border.

It's another "shipper," so keep your fingers crossed that it gets where it's going on time and in one piece!

Two more cakes due this weekend. Stay tuned.


SuperHolmie said...

Hey Kevin-

You will probably read my blog soon-- I want you to keep reading it... if the email address on your soapmaking page is correct I can send your invite there. Let me know.

As always, your cakes look spectacular.

Kevin said...

Yes, yes, yes and yes. PLEASE send me an invite. I am honored. And thank you.

(I read this comment before I read your blog -- silly me, I thought you were inviting me to your birthday party or something ;-\ )