Saturday, January 06, 2007

Let's Play Euchre!

My, what a story this cake has behind it! Please everyone still keep your fingers crossed that it actually gets delivered today.

Ordered by my sister-in-law, to be delivered to her daughter-in-law, on the occasion of her 30th birthday and a Euchre party that she and her hubby were hosting last night. Adorable cake, right? Packaged up and shipped (1200 miles) in plenty of time. But somehow, DHL dropped the ball. The cake is languishing as we speak just a few short miles from my niece's front door -- and DHL's computers say something like "address sort" as a reason why it wasn't delivered (guaranteed!) yesterday.

Still don't know what "address sort" as an error message means ... and when the local DHL station was contacted today they said something about needing to make sure there were no transients hanging around the front door if no one was home ... this is a suburb of a not-even-that-big city. Sure sounds fishy to me. I'm just hoping the DHL driver didn't take it home last night and eat it himself!

It's a 2-layer, 8" square white almond sour cream cake, in the form of a card table with a tablecloth draped over, and a bowl of chips, some slices of pizza, and golden glasses of rum-and-coke on the table (all made from fondant) -- along with the winning Euchre hand for all 4 players.

I SO hope this gets there in one piece, today!

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