Monday, January 08, 2007


2nd Day Air Guaranteed turned into 5th Day Delivery Get-My-Money-Back-from-DHL. But at least the cake DID get there, and it IS still perfectly edible. Plus, all reports say that it is in perfect condition, despite being turned on its side on their front porch all day long.

This is a little closer shot of the table top. I can't decide if the potato chips or the pizza slices are my favorite part.


SuperHolmie said...

I like the pizza slices.

We used DHL for the first time this weekend to ship something from our EBay store. (My husband sells high-end audio stuff.) After we got home I read your post about the cake and we clutched our guts in fear.

Kevin said...

Oh dear. Don't be afraid. Surely it will all be fine. This has truly been a weird anomaly, in my lifetime of shipping experience.

And I look forward to going to my shipper dude tomorrow and having him track down the real story on what in the world happened to it, while he gives me my money back ;-)

As long as you weren't shipping to Michigan, you'll probably be fine.

My MIL shipped us a box last Tuesday -- via UPS, not DHL. It finally got here tonight, while another box she sent to New Jersey on the same day arrived last Thursday.

I think there's just been something wrong with the Michigan/Texas transport corridor lately, for some odd reason.

Kevin said...

MIL lives in Michigan -- somehow I left that salient fact out of the first sentence of the fourth paragraph.