Monday, January 08, 2007

Pineapple Empanada

Errr.... Pie. Errrrrrr...... Cake!

A fun cake made for a friend whose birthday is tomorrow, and who has lately been craving, requesting, nay even DEMANDING, Pineapple Empanadas be delivered to her.

Pineapple cake baked in a pie pan. Iced with buttercream. Topped with a fondant crust, with fondant pineapple chunks peeking out through the slits in the crust, all painted with ivory food coloring thinned with a bit of vodka, and sprinkled with sparkling sugar.

Not entirely sure how it would be to bite into a cake that looks like a pie. Hopefully it won't cause her any cognitive dissonance.


Nonentity said...

looks heavenly! :)

Kevin said...

Thanks. It really is pretty, and looks more like a pie than a pie does. I still wonder how weird it will be to bite into a cake that looks like a pie, though ;-)

Nonentity said...

make a small one and have it yourself, and show us the pics of the slice .. :) .. at least one could imagine eating it .. :)