Saturday, September 23, 2006

Twenty Five Years!

Our wedding cake never arrived on that gorgeous September day back in 1981. The bakery had the date wrong. So two friends raced to the grocery store during the ceremony, bought two decorated birthday cakes, took them back to the reception hall, plopped them on top of one another, and voila, instant wedding cake! No one seemed to notice or care that it wasn't the super-healthy no-sugar whole wheat carrot cake with cream cheese frosting that we had ordered. Imagine that.

Our girls are putting on a big shindig for us in celebration of the past 25 years, so you KNOW I just had to make our first-ever official Wedding Cake for the party. I can't even remember what our original cake was supposed to look like -- but I'm sure this one is way prettier.

That's my giant "diamond ring" pin on top. Kind of an inside joke.


Nonentity said...

its beautiful. it looks so satiny smooth. wow! how the knife will slide into it its smooth yumminess .. and you all will get to eat it .. wow!! bon appetite!! :)

happy 25th anniversary kevin .. :)

Mukta said...

Happy Anniversary! And what's a healthy cake?! Geez! :-D