Friday, September 08, 2006

Nervous, but no breakdown

Yet, anyway.

The shipper-cake is finished. All I see are its flaws. (This is normal for me, so don't worry.)

Me talking to myself: "Is it 1/64" too tall to fit in the shipping box, now? Is it still too soft, not hardened-off enough, to survive the trip? I KNEW I should have had it done by noon two days ago! Is it awesome, spectacular, even just impressive enough? It's such a small cake, it's hard to make it totally impressive. Have I truly done my best? Is it even halfway interestingly creative? Will she love it/kinda like it/hate it/be disappointed? Should I have gone with an entirely different theme? Does it reflect her personality adequately? Will she 'get' the fondant Rose thing? Does she hate gold and only like silver? It is SO not perfectly symmetrical. It is SO not perfect. Blahbedy blahbedy blah-blah-blah."

Yes, I've been known to drive myself nuts with self-doubt about my creative endeavors.

Youngest daughter just blew through here between classes and work and proclaimed it "...absolutely awesome and perfect for Grandma!" But then, she tends to love everything I do, no matter what. We'll see what photog and chef daughters think.

But even if they proclaim undying admiration, I'll still be on tenterhooks until Sunday afternoon when I find out what GRANDMA thought of it all.

A picture will be posted by late afternoon today.

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