Monday, September 11, 2006

The Inside Story

One of most frequent questions I get from folks who have only seen pictures of the outsides of my cakes is, "But what does it look like inside? How can there possibly be a cake in there?" (Okay, that's two questions.)

Well, thanks to the intrepid work of my sister-in-law, we now have a picture of the inside of the white-gold purse cake! Not only did she transport the cake from New Jersey to the fancy Central Park restaurant flawlessly, but she provided the candles-to-blow-out AND she took pictures. After the cake was presented and ooh'd and aah'd over sufficiently, the restaurant removed it to the kitchen for slicing, plating and presentation. I think they did a lovely job. And I was actually surprised to see how pretty the cake looked even after slicing, myself. (Word is that it "tasted amazing", too.)

1 comment:

Nonentity said...

wow! its so worth it. all that effort that goes into creating it. yum! yum! .. if only i could scoop it out of my monitor. :)