Friday, September 08, 2006

And ... it's off!

UPDATE: It has arrived successfully intact after 1415 miles of overnight travel-by-air. Yippee!!!

Off on the FedEx plane, that is. Winging its way to New Jersey, to be transported by wheels to NYC on Sunday. I'm much more calmed down about it all now. The cake seemed to "settle into shape" quite nicely as the afternoon wore on. I don't know what it is ... some kind of odd maturing process or something that a cake has to go through after I finish it, before I like what I'm seeing.

Please pray to the Cake Gods that the FedEx Fairies do their job especially well and this masterpiece arrives none the worse for wear. Thank you.

Now, who's fixing my dinner?


SuperHolmie said...

Holy F***.
That's incredible.
You may retain your status as "Cake Badass".

The MadMan said...

Great job Mom!!! It looks just like Grandma, she will absolutely love it!! :)

Kevin said...

Muchas gracias, superholmie ;-)

And thanks, Erin. I couldn't have done it without you!

Nonentity said...

wow! i have never seen anything like it. its out of this world .. yet so of this world. wow! .. it'd be great to see its insides. can you ask grandma if they took any pictures of it after it was cut? :)

Kevin said...

Hi nonentity,

Your wish is my command. See the post above ;-)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This is the most amazing cake I've ever seen! The shine on the gold detail is amazing.