Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Wedding Cake

Ta da! A simple wedding cake, created for a small in-home wedding (20 people) this afternoon. The bride is wearing a darling two-piece white suit that features covered buttons down the front -- thus, the fondant buttons on the cake. The groom wanted a soft pink rose with a pale green stem on top, so I took it a few steps further and came up with this design.

The bottom tier is a 9" two-layer, White Almond Bridal cake with strawberry filling, iced in buttercream and covered in fondant. Top tier is a 6" version of the same, and they will save that (well wrapped in plastic wrap and foil) in their freezer to be enjoyed on their first anniversary.


SuperHolmie said...

I love it. I want you to move to Dallas and open a cake shop. (Shoppe?)

Kevin said...

Definitely Shoppe. But I don't think you're gonna be able to get me out of Houston, sorry.

BTW, I answered your Montessori question over on your blog.

Anonymous said...

YES! I did read the Montessori info but haven't yet visited the site. There is a guy I work with (Pat) that pulled his kids from public school and has done home school for all of them with the Montessori system as a guide. It makes a lot of sense especially the parts about focusing on mental development while taking physical development into account. I've often thought that our day would go MUCH better if we could just have a BREAK in the afternoon. A 30-minute lunch does not suffice, by any stretch!


Kevin said...

I KNEW I loved Pat. And not just because of that turkey buzzard/vulture thing he hangs outside his door on test days ;-)