Friday, August 18, 2006

Birthday Cake for the Bride-to-Be

What a challenge this one was! The birthday girl has been saving ideas for what she wants her wedding cake to look like for several months now. This one incorporates several different concepts, to see how we like each one. The top layer features "LuvBirds" that she saw on Kate Sullivan's awesome website. I did my best to re-create them. The next layer features the lace-up detail from her wedding gown. The third layer features my attempts at fondant ruffles and more practice with the gold luster dust. I still need lots more practice! I love it, but it gets all over your fingers like crazy, then everything you even think of touching takes on a golden sheen. I now fully understand the angst of King Midas. The bottom layer is practice with the harlequin look so popular in topsy-turvy cakes. You'd be surprised how difficult it is to cut free-hand diamond shapes in appropriately graduated sizes. That is champagne-colored luster dust, mixed with vodka, and hand-painted on the diamonds. They really should call that color pink champagne. It's quite pink.

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