Thursday, November 01, 2007

Bill Cosby Sweaters

Middle daughter is winging her way to Seattle to visit her old college roommate. They are invited to a party Saturday night -- everyone in attendance has to wear a Bill Cosby Sweater. We thought it would be fun for me to make some BCS Cookies to take along.


Mrs. Holmes said...

Are they going to eat Jell-o Pudding Pops at the party?


Those cookies are badass!

Kevin said...

Hahaha. I hope so. I love alliteration!

Just talked to her -- she just landed. She's headed to a Grey's Anatomy watching party. And she promises to tell if JPP's are served at the Party.

More likely they'll be Jello Pudding Shots, knowing those mid-20's somethings.

And thanks. I thought the sweater cookies were pretty cool, myself. I even made my own template and hand cut every last one of them!

Chocolate sugar cookies with royal icing.