Sunday, November 11, 2007

Cooking Lessons

Ohmigosh is this the cutest thing ever, or what? This was a birthday party for a darling little girl turning 4, and her birthday party was at a "kitchen table" type place where the little party goers were taught how to make penne pasta and ice cream sundaes. The party invitations featured pink aprons, hot pads, kitchen mitts, etc.

Birthday girl wanted pink cake, inside and out, so that's what she got. She also got a satin-white textured tablecloth on top of the pink cake, all decked out with four sundaes (because that's how old she is), four silver spoons, an apron, a bunch of oven mitts and hot pads, a bowl of penne pasta, and a vase on the table with the "flowers" spelling out her name.

Happy Birthday!

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